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of the aorta; or the normal sound may arise from the expansion of some of

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by the disease of chemical dependence. Statistical analysis of data will allow us to know more about

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opinion, as the result of his experience and observation,

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to his vote as a member of the Council or of the Committee.

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essentially apotropaic. Their main purpose was the exorcism of

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ficient for most purposes of study and instruction, . . 1050

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By the word 'reasonable' being used in the place of

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one another. Two days after this the same phenomena were observed,

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increases in exercise tolerance, probably due to its ability to

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dose intravenous penicillin or a suitable substitute in

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month studies, in both rats and mice, employing doses up to 150 mg/kg/day. there was no

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ulcerative process in the ear, corresponding to the development of the same

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William D. Logan, Jr., M.D., 1984-85 A. A. McNeill, Jr., of Camilla, was thisyear’s recipient of MAG's Family Physicianof

brown asthma inhaler clenil

himself for final examination in homeopathy, after having taken his primary and inter-

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