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he was liable to exposure. His previous health was ex-
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usual, Liverpool reaches the highest number, or 41,
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fistula were sent there, under one of the king's sur-
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ness or loss of sight (19) ; cancer (19)— the disease
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£2 per week is a paltry sum to receive. 'Wlien in-
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child, who preferred, as she said, " to allow the child
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Johnson; Mr. G. Bubt; Mr. J. .\DAaiaON ; D.; Dr. obeu
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found somewhere in the body in advanced life, and is not infre-
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poison by the instant slaughter of infected cattle.
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tution of fever will present it again in its sthenic
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much less painful and fatal tlian it had been under
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sound mind ; although, even otlierwise, it would not
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by animal parasites in the causation of these diseases
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tunity of detailing the exiseriments which led me to
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externid to it. Practically, under this regime, sani-
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overlapped by the lingula of the left upper lobe of the lung and by
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large staphylomatous bulge, w^hich had to the touch
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scopic examination shewed the presence of tubercle.
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agricultural district. Population 1000, well employed. Average
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.£1:30. Furniture optional. House in excellent order, with pleasant
benzac ac 5 preco
mental inquiry, and that the iavestigation will re-
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victims to cholera whilst attending the sick. Three
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valuable means of stability. They would also impress
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necessitate the upright posture. The patient stated that he had been
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yet the resvilt was a mortality, to say the least, below
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be ready to take the matter into consideration, should
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number of pupOs into the smallest possible space, so
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rather in the trachea. The signs which it presents are
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benzac ac 5 prezzo
To give ice and iced drinks internally, as the large
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fruits of their observations to the written records of
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aged 32, Fanny Hatton, wife of *E. T. R. Tenison, M.D.
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di-awn in the proper dii-ection ; but it was also neces-

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