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Surgeon-Colonel .\. H HiisoN, .MD, Bengal Establishment, Inspector-

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became a Member of the Royal Colleje of Surgeons of England in 1,ยป37,

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similarly qualified : out of 68 surgeon-lieutenant-colonels, 44

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In 1849 Dr. Shattuck was appointed Visiting Physician to

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. the name of a qualified man, and that had been done to his

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pain, and for this reason were discontinued. Better arrange-

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ing approval of the Local Government Board. Should Dr. Mead desire

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Hailes'" also failed with 5-grain doses of the sulphate.

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locular Ovarian Cyst, removed from an unmarried woman,

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towns Included M which were referred to the principal zymotic diseases,

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when the cellular tissue has already lost that power.

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as I believe the relief of tension insures rapidity of repair and

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special. She was well nourished, and her general condition

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tice under Sir Philip Crampton, and studied at the Meath

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the names of the latest and best works on leprosy in .the English

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appointment in regard to the cost of small-pox epidemics.

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some virulent infective influence was present among the

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plumbism are picked out by medical inspection and sent off into other

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bility of some of these being hereafter proved to be stages in

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surdity. The only safe and scientific method in any investiga-

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deaths among the unvaccinated obtained in the vaccinated

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says he " picked up the first piece of intestine that he came

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bridge ; Dr. F. J. Waldo, London ; C. E. Wilmot, M.B., London ; Mr. S.

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reason why anyone dies from a drachm of chloroform is be-

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mercury perchloride in iodide of potassium, forming the solution of

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1892 a different condition of affairs had arisen. Under the

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diseases of the chest. Poultices were liable to be applied, by

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