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reflexe vom Kleinhirn und liber die Lage der Zentren fur die Labyrinthreflexe

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Thirteen Sera Causing no Appreciable Drop in Blood-pressnre.

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period during which it must be open, with possibility of implantation of the

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water as if salt were not present. The blood behaved as normal. Hence,

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protoplasm and pigment. Various stages could be recognized from round

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are still living. My general impression of hospital and dispensary

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the typhoid and paratyphoid bacilli may be manifested clinically by

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presented symptoms of intestinal obstruction, and is of opinion that owing

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lower extremities being more frequently involved than the bones

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uncomplicated cases of spinal transection above the lumbar enlargement,

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tine, and this exaggeration always appears wherever the manifestations

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and Umber, the causes assigned being under-nourishment, lack of coal,

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more uniform irradiation through a given thickness of tissue.

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the past year, and will, it is to be hoped, long continue to publish.

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Costiniu, A. Les affections des oreilles et du larynx survenues comme com-

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face of the olfactory nerve, extended only along the outer

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In only one of our series did the fluid fail to be colorless at dilution

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relieve local pain ; or alone when the symptoms, time of the

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Acute pain in the left side. Complains of great sense of soreness

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the mechanism of the change is not nervous since it occurs in muscles with

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formity thus established by mutual agreement will result in ad-

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has been obtained with 0-0005 gm. (^ mgm.), the relation of the curative to

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Lutembacher (1), who records a case of tricuspid insufficiency due to

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seems to show that most of the iodine in the blood-stream is in the form of

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L. T. aged 25, an unmarried woman. 1 first saw this patient

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humours of the eye, being muddy and partly opaque, make their

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ment, but complete recovery did not occur till, by cauterization of adhesions,

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except under certain conditions, such as a diminution in the percent-

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at a distance from the original collapse." The progressive increase

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dose in two to four teaspoonfuls of the medium. A good many

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culeux d'apres la methode de Petrof. [ Petrof 's method of isolating tubercle

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pelvis. Developmental anomalies are not uncommon in the series.

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Pallid. Skin cold and clammy. Pulse jjoor (juality. Respiration sighing.

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cultures, in the usual sense of this term, were not obtained. But a vaccine,

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apparently coalesce into fair-sized bullae. These dry up, as a rule, without

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costal cartilage. It is important to remember that the first- and last-named

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