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cases are rare. Occasionally the deposits are not detected in the

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toms increased towards evening, and at eleven o'clock at night,

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tained. Yet no one can doubt that if every case of death by acci-

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trismus nascentium is of fearful frequency in the cotton plantations

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Pjilse and the urine i but as the medicine could only procurera

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only charge themselves with endeavoring to preserve such of them

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ment after centrifugalization the tubercle bacillus can be demonstrated

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have contributed to the cure of this intractable malady, while in the

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by gi^og a salutary determination to morbid influences. This was

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Tumors in the corpus striatum and lenticular nucleus are accompanied

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Hemolytic power: 0.01, 0.003, and 0.0025 cc, complete hemolysis of sheep cor-

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improved. The bacilli correspond to Gaffky's No. II. Since then twenty injec-

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late John H. Brinton, Esq., and five children yet survive him.

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ately after the first injection. Negative results were obtained from the 8th to

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Arnica 3x, Gjt : Sacral pains, also in loins or lumbar region.

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Dr. Morris stated that according to his experience, general bleed-

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If a hemorrhagic diathesis is not developed the disease runs a tedious

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oiae may be quite certain that he has to deal with a case of pernicious fever,

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to be soap emulsions of essential oils with aromatic

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to 5192. Cholera, plague, smallpox and fevers were evidently

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Dr. Ranking also quotes a table of M. Burguieres, a French

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upon the changes produced in the serum proteins by the inoculation

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reasonable theory is that the highly nervous capsule contains gland-cells

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travenous injection was reduced to 0.19 cc, and given 30 days later.

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This, in his opinion, is a specific disease, produced by a specific

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