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pletely, and the post-mortem revealed a large number of stones free in
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governed the preceding experiments were observed. On the day succeeding
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The heiriatoxylin eosin method is the only one which
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and she had no return of the mental disturbance. In the^
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suffocative catarrh some weeks after the wound wtis healed, and
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that the position of the external os could not be identified. A tight
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surgeon. If in the soft tissues, and the point of the needle
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blanched ; respiration 32, labored and wheezing. Pulse
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intelligent medical assistance should be at hand, and it is
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output from daily activities, where vigorous activities
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from an acute attack. The case had been given up by two physicians and was a
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loins, and lower extremities. Joints rigid ; thumbs drawn on to the
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When we endeavour to discover the origin of the weakness produc-
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favorable to recovery. He points out the economy of early care
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tant American families outside the ranks of laborers.
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of the principles of evidence on the basis of the physi-
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ever, be scarcely considered as a distinguishing character; for we find that
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do risk their own credit and that of the art of which they
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tive ideas that may be communicated to the individual.
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Prognosis. — In many cases, specially amongst recently married women, the
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gigas, Filaria Demarquai, Filaria Megalhaesi, Filaria
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may be in an ascending coil of intestine And if not, experience
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five feet seven and a half inches — and weight (esti-
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flow through the renal vessels, which rapidity may or may not be in-
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churches and religious orders to found hospitals throughout
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[Abstr.]: Med. Rec, N. T., 1890, xxxvii, 90.— Ernest.
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chlorid, but a positive result was never obtained. On
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.gainful cramp of the bladder duiing micturition— which co-
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In the determination of every freezing-point, care must be exercised to see
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how the average length of interval hetween multiple cases in houses could
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