Chloramphenicol Otic Solution

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tains its virtue for a week or ten days, or, possibly, longer, but should
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engraven upon the minds of the superintendents of the pres-
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beyond the western Hebrides, about one hundred people re-
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four to six hours before the next paroxysm is due. It may matter little
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face of the virgin soil may be followed by the appearance of malaria in
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limitations of domestic treatment, for many cases are needlessly sent
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and mesentery was accelerated, and resumed the former condition
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physiological attributes, and it only remains to consider the
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often changed by these brief applications of cold to the surface, fol-
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Six inches above the level of the cylinders an inch opening exists,
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In the other case there was at once a rapid and powerful rise of
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ingly feeble, the mental faculties greatly weakened in the advanced
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experience with the expectant treatment hitherto in vogue. Fortunately
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The demonstration of elastic fibers is also an important aid to diag-
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Sugars are crystallizable carbohydrates, in which oxygen
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ease is attested, however, by the statistics of one hundred and fifty-six
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urea fluctuated between 21.9 and 24.9 gm. between the beginning and
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plague in Lower Damaun as follows : 24.6 per cent, of over 6000 persons
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riiere is something hehind the tubercle bacillus. It has always
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In obstinate cases of dyspepsia referred to me by colleagues, after
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Individual circumstances exert an influence upon the prognosis, and of
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Special Methods of External Medication. — Dr. Galewouski^ reports
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and muscles, both of which respond to the slightest temperature impres-
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friction, for ten minutes, from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., whenever the temperature
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warm sheet is thrown over him, and he is carefully dried, standing or
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Where such enormous electrolysis is going on as in the Wil-
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cholera is a nitrite-'poisomng, the result of the growth of the specific
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does not injure nor detract from their nutritive properties. Tt
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demonstrable, especially by palpation. The organ can be shown to in-
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rarely took up a knife for anything; and should a case for

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