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to press it, when, by means of a spring, it retreated behind to the points of the

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hands was taken early in the disease ; that of the axilla of the affected side

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as I have already remarked, was much swollen, and the bowels were costive,

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Case 103. — Operator, Zavaleta. Dorso-lumbar region ; duration,

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" This was, in truth, a glorious discovery ; and does it not, I would ask,

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Db. J. W. Shjelb reported a case and exhibited a patient

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him in his usual health and entirely unaware that any-

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the State of New York, &c. &c., and John B. Beck, M. D., Professor of

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all who deal in the article have a right to designate It by the name

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a dangerous character — bronchial irritation, for example, to which they are

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TouTenalnt. L. : Rev. Internat. de ilHV et de Chlr., I'aris. 1898,

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straining at stool, or other undue muscular exertion.

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of the autopsy In the undertaker's shop of Main Fook. The cultural

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ing the central point (Fig. 3, 1) of each side of the

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of the eggs of intestinal and other parasites, because

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The Board of Hedlcal Ezaminen, at its meeting April 4,

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are excluded from social and family life. Institutions

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attack of his first complaint, accompanied with deafness of the right ear.

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The second case, when seen for the first time, was accompanied with comfilete amau-

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Case I.— Mr. Hemming, of No. 6, Piccadilly, fell down, about two years

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tion-H-a simple opening and loosening of adhesions —

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abscess, a term which you will find in many works, and many surgeons use

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the brain, or in the cerebellum, are almost always separated from the mem-

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few days, as may the local tenderness and swelling.

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strength and appetite failed at the same time. She is the mother of two

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Board convened to meet at Washington, D. C, on or about March

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frequent. She swallows the greater part of her expectoration; the part

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amount of this influence is called into action by the friction of cannon-balls

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Death 1. — (Inspected February 5.) Chun Ab Ohoo, ased 44,

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R. Mucilag. sem. lini, 3 iv. ; tincturae opii guttas 50. Pro enemate statira

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Buffalo, extended to Dr. Bissell a complimentary dinner April

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and Treatment of Diseases of the Ear. By William Kramer. Second

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any society, particularly of a surgical society; and likewise a

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ically, some of them ought not to confuse. But prac-

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newspapers, (Weekly Whig, Saturday, April 28,) that the students who

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history of slight failing for two days prior, and total blind-

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I therefore decided to put this to a further test by esti-

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being placed upon record, for the purpose of serving as a reference on future

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a short time by spontaneous dislocation of the hip. About

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to the liter were noted, but this condition was speedily cor-

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in dogs, and its conununication to man, were it not that

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obliteration of the portal veins, and that the establishment

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