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the fluid had a smoky hue, and was turbid. Prior to this date he
resemble granulation-tissue. AVhether the new bloodvessels are offshoots
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class and less than 1*5 per cent, in the other. If our point is
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are attributed to the vascular, peripheral, primitive, or sec-
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as possible. The instruments must be made of metal which
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ly small cost all factories, electric-lighting stations,
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ings of only one story, removed sufficiently from one another
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fectly freshly made from triturated solutions ; they then
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peated after each act of vomiting, sometimes acts like a charm; the subcar-
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only is induced, anaesthesia scarcely being occasioned ; while with alcohol,
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wards and backwards. Mastication was performed with great difficulty, and
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a similar character is a prime requisite of life, groups of tis-
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ening is a result of suspended nutrition from an arrest of the circulation
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6. Good Gravy Soup— Ingredients— i lb. of beef, i lb. of veal, lib.
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north and south of the district. The cases numbered from a few to
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of View. — William G. Savage and D. A. Fitzgerald sum
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Inr in the symptoms, with a few trifling and nnimportant variations.
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the induction of sterility. Simultaneous implantation of
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deemed inexpedient to inflict on others a cure which, even in the most
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not be an important factor in the disposition of nizatidine. Elderly patients may have
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to be excessive irritability and erotic tendencies. Dr. Sieveking
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fleas in the population of which those enumerated in Table K
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sonal support of the medical officer, for by strengthen-
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license and absolute freedom of practice prevailing during
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if not of all the essential fevers is a microorganism,
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2i ounces of blood through the system, 175 ounces a minute,
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von Graff, 1912 : Mitteil. a. d. Grenzgeh. d. Med. und Chir,, xxv, 145 ;
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but of them all his revered Valsalva holds the first place.
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" 1. That no youth under eighteen be allowed to work
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pletion of the oxidation of the organic matter in the filter. The nitrates
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former by the anterior limb and from the latter by the posterior
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now only commend the papers to our readers. The great disadvantage under
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the second strip and, starting at the hack of the sound shoulder,

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