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the members of this syndicate economic competition is eliminated.

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ago. Her married life was very unhappy because of her husband's excessive

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to an increased amount of hippuric acid. Their results contradict entirely

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adherent either to the skin or deeper structures which helps to dis-

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mineral waters, which are of more value for this purpose than in the removal

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puerperal diphtheria. Under vigorous stimulation with alcohol the patient

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such emergencies ; even were he able to spare something from a

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fering from moderate progressive osteo-arthritis and subacute bronchitis with

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a rather firm, supporting tissue, the dermis (see Fig. 4, PL II),

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on an average of about 1,000,000 sick men who would be sick

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for the relief of severe symptoms, and that they are found relatively more

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moderate altitudes in the interior, it is still possible to obtain ex-

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1. Our test meal contains no preformed lactic acid. It seems

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sent to the seaside, but returned worse. I found that he lived at his

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spread to the larynx or still further down. In 12 of these latter tracheotomy

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compression on other organs arise, it should be tapped.

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microscope, certainly favor this view, but this will not account for their

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in children suffering from malnutrition. An undernourished nerv-

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Clouston. Griesinger^ says very rarely chorea arises out of acute rheu-

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In the three cases reported by Kaposi^ under the title of " gangrenous

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From a tumor of the right crus cerebri close to its entrance into the

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It can hardly be urged that Science has spoken her last word con-

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our series of 215 cases, and no instances of interstitial emphysema.

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