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the parietes and diaphragm, with this reservation, that the

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and vegetables were to be provided for men in the trenches. In the

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Occurring as an epidemic affection, in childbed, it doubtless proceeds from

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easy for a better knowledge of the peculiar views of the distinguished

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any weapon found or of marks of blood on furniture or in the

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G. Richardson, Professor of Hygiene in the University of

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rapidly thai; we at first thought it was cancer of the liver

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everywhere except in the kitchen and mess hall, operating pavilion,

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Mastigophora, Ha^moflagellates ; Fascicle II., Sporozoa.

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than this one would be read before the Association. Its impor-

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had but one idea — that of utilizing every available inch of space for

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and passing urine very often ; pulse agitated, and fifty-six ;

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lesions show interstitial hyperplasia with shrinkage and disappearance of glomer-

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period (of two days or so), before conjugation sets in. The important fact,

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produces anaesthesia in about fiv-e minutes, and it lasts upwards of

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cisions, and even paralysis, have been observed to precede recovery in expe-

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anesthesia. Good recovery and child lived. Urine on May 14 showed albumin

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4. Medical Department Iowa 8tate University, Iowa City, Iowa. —

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for Students of. By Chapman Jones, F.I.C. pp. 174, Cr. 8vo. Low 2/6

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interfere with the results of treatment. The massage was

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value. Nor is it always easy to recognize the nausea, vomiting, and diar-

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side often greatly aggravates the symptoms. There is often extreme anguish'

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not perceptibly swollen; the anterior pillars and the soft palate are

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necessary for rheumatic subjects in cold and damp weather, and woollen

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The aura begins by lancinating pains in the site of

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themselves. Why is it that bacteria normally present in

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intimates, and it is a comfort and incentive to higher things that he

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rather diffuse phlegmon had limited itself, the usual oper-

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The plan of treatment of the chronic urethritis has

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Uses both, and is stereoscopic, discerning solidity as well as

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