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to understand how the Hyderabad Commission could have
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[Special Weekly Report to the British Medical Journal.]
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Smith, of Bristol, of a similar case under his care, in which
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use of Nurses and other Intelligent Women. By William Buckingham
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In some very rare instances a perforating empyema loses
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recently acquired knowledge in tliis new field of work. The
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1.30; Obstetric, Tu. Th. S., 2; o.p., W. S., 9; Eye, W. Th. S.,
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recently Dr. Richardson drew attention to a method of
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Lord Playfair, Sir Henry Acland, Sir Andrew Clark, Mr.
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plied to the transport of wounded, is mentioned in Medical Regulations,
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was rare. Dr. Swan had, from records of 211 cases, only seen it
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the Sheep, Mr. J. Dee Shapland (Two Figures) ... ... 733
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Kew Urethral Irrigator for the Treatment of Gonorrhcea, Mr. E.
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water had a "fishy" taste, suspicion fell at first on the
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to be as complete as circumstances demand, or, if necessary,
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careful consideration, and before arriving at any decision in the matter
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and in Experiment 178) and in Fick 6. it is clear that the pul-
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tion given or taken by the medical superintendent. Where the anomaly
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of the healthy from infected homes beirg also advised. A special survey
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organ without producing any protruding tumour at the sur-
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During the week ending Saturday, December 31st, 842 births and 79^
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We can commend this volume to those who are already
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closed and adherent lids. He had shown a similar case six-
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But the crofter's house is his own property ; he has no
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nothing to be seen in meeting her to indicate that she has
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stanton andBurslem tin ion, causing much inconvenience to the guardians.
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of the pulse are diminished by chloroform. It is specially
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in tabes is a prolongation into the posterior cords of lesion
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Midwifery.— C. A Marrett, Charing Cross Hospital; S. W. Rhodes,
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epithelial structures, there we may have great differences in
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feeling more comfortable when the first dressing had been

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