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were not to admit that to me this day is one filled with much regret.

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metatarsi. Should improvement only be partial, repeat the firing;

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was much better. On the 28th, she had been free from the contrac-

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1867, 1 868, 1S69, and 1870. lie had been informed there was no

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most commonly inoculated by contact with tuberculous persons, or by

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has been given the name of cardiac or nutmeg liver. The microscope

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entering a ganglion these several forms of nerves separated into their

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In delivering up his office to Mr. Underbill, Mr. Solomon remarked

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rhcra: Recovery. — On Tuesday, the I2th of April, Mr. Savory operated

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hoof is usually rested on the toe, but when advanced beyond the above-

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plicated with laminitis the podophyllous tissue is more or less congested.

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the fundamental faculties of the mind, before, as physiologists, we can

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wounded, was fully respected by the victorious Danish commander,

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than they do now after the more systematic instruction received at the In-

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illness {levet aegrttni)\ that he was offending his faith-

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be as you predict, I still confess myself unable to

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a small, greyish, firm, scaly swelling appeared on the right cheek, and

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the sinuses injected with tincture of iodine. There was no improve-

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connexion with enlarged prostate. He had been ill only about ten

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ever, you make them understand that if they do so too soon, they will

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Although the right and left valves were perforated parallel to their free

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our cities and towns, and young men will be enabled to carry out the

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showed rupture of the diaphragm, usually in the tendinous portion ; a

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improvement occurred and rapidly increased. On the 28th the animal

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The York Lunatic Asylum Annual Report for 1S70 , ,^ ,,,.,-. . r -m..,..

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ten, for about a month : he never could make any exertion without

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