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mania in the present day ; and then if we look back and con-

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true physician, in the elevated and comprehensive significa-

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important role in their action. The cerebral symptoms which

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pro\ided with a handle thirteen inches long. Another,

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skin was over sensitive to the action of light, and intense

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out again, and every eftbrt made to resuscitate the child.

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In 1852, he took the fellowship of the College of Sur-

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ascertained by observations on the feces, which will be detailed farther on,

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the cord. When examined last fall it was found that

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Unit Packages of 100 fintended for Institutional use

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Introduced by the St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society

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merge from the tisHies leaving a small wound of e.\it. This class of wound

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more often he fails completely. The increase in the

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disease, but probably no less a factor in the promo-

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arose; and accordingly he submitted a paper on the General

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of excessive intemperance; whilst ^^^^ /^^t. .^^".^ °*' i'^l'

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these two cases might prove not only interesting, but

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precordial and abdominal distress, diminution in the urine, and oedema

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d. Within a quarter mile or visual horizon (whichever is

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for a three month period. She learned techniques for bone marrow interpre-

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tissues; and there can be but little doubt that there

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Quinia should be administered in full doses ; for a child (three to five

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tried a current of fifteen milliampdres passed through the pain-

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spontaneous somnambulism is developed by the frequent use

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on the neck, as far as the supra-clavicular fossa of the same

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tica del distacco dell' iride per traumatisnii. Snp])l. al Poli-

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side of their septum gave relief on the same side of their

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of the specific virus upon the blood-vessels and membranes of the brain,

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With a view to obviate this difficulty, the trocar should be pushed with a

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the entire nervous system. In this way may be explained the

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centa was removed; the uterus contracting to its usual size.

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hagen, by Dr. Angelo Bellini, of Milan, Revue Internationale d'filec-

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particular!}^ a good observer and very nervous over his flight. He

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and approved methods and thought upon the subject, that for brevity it is clear,

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grow^n rapidly, three inches last year. Mother tall, healthy.

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paraphenylenediamin, the condensation of the molecules being effected

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Irinking more milk than men and it is <renerally helieved that a

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cially why put together several not previously known in medicine ?

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with Suggestions for the Use of a More Precise Terminology ■ 927

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