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and as a society would have to guarantee the payment. The organi-

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not know whether or not it was infected as this patient was

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society. Boars of the Danish breed must come from recognized

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dueled hy pi'odueiiiu' strychnine con\ulsions in a slaivin-^ animal. If

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roid; hemorrhage, parathyroid.” (Dr. F. C. Narr.)

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Removai of pins and of dead bone and correction of deformity

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PYRIBENZAMINE (brand of tripelennamine) • T. M. Reg. U. S. Pat. Off.

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The Role of the Autopsy in the Medicine of To-day. 105

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There are many reports in the literature concerning the Rh factor in its

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Scientific Session. Gold Room, Jefferson Hotel. •

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to, during and following operation. This decline in

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The number of tanking vats at abattoir No. 1 Is 18, placed in two rows, one at right

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l,.,,,l ni iM'iiiial indi\ i.liials milI in .'as.'s .,f .li;il>i't.'s, in w lii.di .liscas.',

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plete by March 14, 1946. Blood drawn on March 2, 1946,

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