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a way as to insure rapid and thorough mixture of its contents. A
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under examination. In one particular, however, they will do him
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results of these operations have been in the main extremely success-
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to prove that the dependent position of the limb is not among the causes of
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for his success in this operation, not even excepting GraefTe and Roux, its
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Thirty-three patients (7.2 per cent, of the whole number of 458)
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Each albumin body therefore has its characteristic "Goldzahl."
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By means of an intense flame, without asbestos protection,
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clothes. Temperature, 105°; pulse, 110. This evening five ounces of
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any inflammatory condition of the brain exists; on tlie contrary, we have every
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but also for elaborate machinery for investigating them; they are
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hard; 6th. Opinions of the committee on the retentive power of the
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ance with the increase and decrease of temperature. The lowest ratio (61)
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Ball et Alamartine. Gaz. de hop., Paris, 1912, Ixxxv, 1587.
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atmospheric elements, is obvious; but these agents, if we except the recent
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depends less on changes in the mean annual temperature, than in its distri-
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characteristics of a dust-borne disease, or even of an air-borne
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the work, but, perhaps its chief value is derived from tlie broad ex-
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1st. The history and description of Stagner's block; i^nd. The rea-
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it was some other substance was shown by the difference in the
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marily upon a local inflammation of very limited extent.
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drainage of the gall-bladder, pyloroplasty, gastroenterostomy,
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the organism. In all cases it is the organs M'hich produce the morbid actions, but
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the presence of gastric ulcer. The true line of distinction is the
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markable manner, whilst the neck was so very short, that the chin
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several of our cases had had the most vigorous mercurial treatment possible,
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and the organism determined before the joint complications
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it was looked for. In one case the tenderness of the lower sternum
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cine, is every day diminishing, and the conviction is constantly grow-
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to consist of urate of soda; they yielded rhombs of uric acid on
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XIV. Tlieodori Kerckrinffii, Doctoris Medici, Commentarius in Currum
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In eight anaphylaxis experiments, the dogs were reinjected with
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Others endeavor to hasten the process by the addition of oxidizing
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their terminal illness, who were not in a position to give accurate
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shape of the obturator as well as its size must of course depend upon the
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gitation which occurred during the systole, from the ventricle into the auri-
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his own temptations, he may get well. Then the cross in the old
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son, M.D., Professor of the Institutes and Practice of Medicine. Published by the
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leukocytes. On January 26, 1913, after seventeen subcutaneous

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