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in forty other affections. Their research has -extended over

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to the mosquito theory of the propagation of yellow

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plaquenil and eyes

Fifth [ly]. The easy division of the prostate obviates the danger of tearing

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eries, the constant endeavor to add to our store of facts,

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the bone to a depth of 8 cm. from the nose, there is reason to

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drath. The wound did well, with the exception of a sinus

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ing down and fading away over six or seven inches of the

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Db. a. W. BA.TUSH gave an interesting talk, illustrated by

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and proposed to Prof. Spencer F. Baird, the secretary

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aware that our friend, Dr. Mutter, of this city, had employed it in one case

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rience, and accept all sorts of counsel, neglecting serious

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different food-stuffs are treated with fungi; he found

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intestate if he had been willing to do so. Death ensued, without

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were failures from failures of previous operations, not

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motor cortical area for the right leg and foot, secondary to

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habits. In the premature menopause the clinician is

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the disease spreading with a frightful rapidity ; he had seen cases in which

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to processes engendered within the body and only indi-

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having recourse to it when no instrument is necessary."^ It will readily be

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ministration of the hospital, as a condition precedent to any

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opposite effects of tartar emetic, in large and in small doses; and when ad-

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exceed No. 28 silver wire in size the latter gives the

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the lamp. The patient is then covered with a cloak or rubber

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the prevention of hydrophobia, by our correspondent, A., of Pittsburg; of

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countries it is expressly provided by law that a patent for a

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by copyright does not extend to the subject written about. It

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pointed him medical purveyor, a commission which he held

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"the electricity of the kite is generally diminished by the presence of

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examination, "an oblique and irregular wound, about four lines in extent,

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practice, and he who openly opposes its use should be

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(ossa : opening, 3 fractured vertebrs found, small deposits found

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Such a stimulus is found in the painful irritation of the passage of the

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attributed to its connection with the enternal motor and vidian nerves.

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the tube was successfully introduced on the third at-

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procedures. Dr. Fenton B. Turck, Chicago, has recently

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decade. C!oni, who is chief of the National Board of Health,

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Diseased Kidneys : with Report of Some Remarkable Cases.

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