Promethazine Hcl And Codeine Phosphate Syrup

cells. Manifestations of Rh isoimmunization usually do not occur

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a matrimonial engagement, his fears are often exaggerated, even to suicide

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capillary circulation — either from cold, feeble action of the heart, or from

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Symptoms. — The appearance of the characteristic lesions is almost in-

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neglect is accompanied with severe pain, and is followed by

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frost. The latter condition is reported by Frazer-Nash (quoted by Crocker)

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promethazine hcl and codeine phosphate syrup

river regardless of the danger from crocodiles. If told to strike another

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periphery ; and the edges, though raised and thickened, are always soft,

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these reactions by attractive force ; and Unna (27), applying the principle

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the occasional association of hysteria, epilepsy, and insanity with tetany,

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as these are exemplified by that of G. C, described by Dr. Sangster,

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rigidity, or stiffness, in the limbs when passive movements are made,

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and must do so for his own gratification. If either of these conditions

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if they are really more than forms of cell-growth with cell-inclusion.

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strongly suggest that warts are contagious ; yet the infective element

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tissue has been especially attacked; for example, the scars left by

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the garter back in the solution, with a result altogether sat-

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remarkable and very distinct form of insanity, which Magnan proposed to

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