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of phenol. The immediate appearance of a bluish white cloud signifies
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body germinating but the rod attached to it is the remnant of the
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the mouth and throat. A typical case of catarrh will
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be a primary disease of the nervous system but he fails in
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and tip being covered with distinct rounded opaline or bright
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for publication under the head of original communications are
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muscles and it mar be impossible to make a certain diagnosis until
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chiefly attempted by diuretics. It is very probable that these
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into the right side of the pleural cavity Fig.. The
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which by common consent based on our present conceptions are inckuled
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Roentgenographer to the Children s Free Hospital of Detroit
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shot injury the shot passing transversely through the
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before which was easily explained after a little inves
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ounces. He found grain in ounces of the intestines. In
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an artificial anus in the left iliac region. She was in the hospital
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been set forth in this book which hath not been examined and many
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neither great nor small necessity being the only gauge of things
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Palpation sometimes shows weakness of arterial pulsa
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ing purpose. Next there is a cuirass with two cham
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years it would be found to be an improvement as nearly all

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