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the state of the heart's valves, and the condition of the uterine oq^ans
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vestigations, and on the Humidity of the Atmosphere in Relation to
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ter with the child, until, after its death, the worms discharge themselves from the
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cessen/ Diss, inaug. Utrecht, 1865). As a natural signal
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been accompHshed the remaining enteritis should be treated as
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ments termed muscle-corpuscles, or nuclei of muscles, which are
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•misfortune to man. No person would be willing to take a partner for life in mar-
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well upon the base of the tongue, surround the mouth with a handkerchief, and
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detecting eye of the Lung Barometer, he had escaped destruction ; for this would
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extent of destruction that may have taken place in one or both
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remarks on this point deserve special attention. He shows that
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diarrhcea immediately upon their arrival, after a long voyage
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degree of change in the blood. It may simulate other common
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of menstruation, and how is the woman to know when it is expelled from the
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are no hemorrhages. Pupils: The right is 2| mm., round, reg-
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A cure of this complaint is easily effected by a skillful practitioner. I have rarely
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C. G — , Get. 23, married, was six months pregnant with her second
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Sick Children ; Lecturer on Qeneral Pathology, Edinburgh . . 201
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24th, in the same condition as when she came in ; and it was said
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races, has been disgraceful to his morality. No thought-
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London, according to Dr. Granville's tables, only 542 infants out of every 1000
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in greater or less degree banefully upon offspring. The most of these might be
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left after its removal from the centre of the long flap, leaves a
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as Dr. Fox himself remarks, it is a view essentially different
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misery, until joined in sexual love. A woman can never be satisfied with a man
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Table I. The patient was advised to take precautions to avoid
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effect on the third, fourth, or fifty day, and by the end of a week
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ratysis, Spirted Ladies and Children, and Infectant li
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ago, at which time she passed through the menopause. She has
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weeks previously. As early as June 11th, a steamer which had left
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rately described, it must be remembered that two, or even all
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bread made with sorgho {Hokus sorghum), rye, rice, or wheat,
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treatment. Another occurrence was the development of a severe
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excluding those of the orbit and ocular appendages. Dr.
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greatest of earth — the joy of a life of wedded lov< — has its hallowed com-
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fever, in its eruption, maturation, and decline, within a limited
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W0 are inclined to be dull and sleepy; and so it, is with the animals.
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the second eye could be thought of. Fortunately, considerable im-
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known as the "American Deer," who has been successful in races against men and
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ually developed pain and stiffness in the right hip-joint. Thir-
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duces circumscribed tumours, sometimes co-existing with the two
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