hyperemia. This result is manifestly more likely to be carried on

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whether the immunity is derived from previous ' larval ' infection or from



frequently hypnotized by another physician, tended during the


and, after removal of paraffin by xylol, alcohol, and water, are rinsed with


the catabolic effect produced in dogs by the injection of proteoses intra-


nation showed leukocytes, 9200; polymorphonuclears, 61 per cent.; later



rabbits were used in these experiments, it was only possible for

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bile and faint cloud of albumin; weight, eight and one-half pounds.

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returning to normal count and myelocytes always present. The spleen

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at 11 P.M. Next day at noon dog died; splanchnic vessels much dilated.

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The course of the cases of partial ' inversion ' — i.e. of reversal of half to

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Urino in Gout, Ilhouniatism, and Bright's Disunsc, Medioo-Chirurgioal Trunsuotions,

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thorough laudable Eruption. If the Fever is too high, if the

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continue under observation. The symptomatic improvement was less

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air of the place, are seldom healthy. All those delivered be-

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Apparently he believes that while traumatic subdural haemorrhage may

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the humoral transferability of the action of the cardiac nerves. I.] Arch.

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third or fourth day for the second month in the treatment of thrombo-


very irritable. By the use of friction, warm bath, guaiacum,

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frequently heard; or fill up a preface, and are sometimes read*

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Thorp records a case of gangrene of the left leg which occurred on the


problems and frailties of his youth?" "Simply to see the terms

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The patient was a domestic servant aged 3 1 when first known to be affected

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and expressed the belief that the prognosis of the operation should be good

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apyrexia following the injection has taken place. If typhus virus is kept

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a man aged 56 in whom the wall of the artery had been damaged during an

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increased organic activity. The foreign proteins used were tuberculin, milk,

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were deprived of antiscorbutic, or vitamin A while others had neither anti-


The boy recovered from the operation and the bowels moved well on

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In the other, where competitors abound, the temptation is

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before they enter the oculomotor nucleus, and from which accommodation

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carotinoid-free egg-yolk was used with success in a diet as the sole source

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November 2, having been ill for one week with fever and headache. Com-

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output of lymphocytes in the blood. But again he sees in this increased

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It is to be understood that all glassware used in connection with

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this film hypertrophies enormously, and on microscopic examina-

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calculated on the assumption that the total plasma volume and total blood-

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removed the lachrymal gland in two rabbits, but no opacity of

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Dr M. attributed these symptoms to the presence of worms

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