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The auditory or eighth cranial nerve when it enters the skull is

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the function, and the book will prove useful to the medical

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Under cocaine an incision was made in the rectus muscle,

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heart cavities commence, which is shown by great increase in the per-

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of whom, at last accoimts, was going to college. He, however, has to

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Membre dc I'lnstitut d.3 France ; Professeur au College de France.

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are found with their radials as palpable as the tendons between

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bears no relation to their size or weight. They are all about equally

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the dinner to celebrate the jubilee of the Fellowship on

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when many are making plans for the coming summer. It

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Senior Physician to the Manchester Koyal Inlirraary ; and Professor of

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2. Certainly from the albumin split up in the body, in the pro-

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most of the members agreed with Professor Stephenson, and

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Wainwrigbt, W. L., L R.C.P., M.R.C.S., reappointed House-Surgeon to

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progressive. The patients are short breathed, on accoxmt of the

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dinner will be held after the meeting.— C. J. Lewis, Honorary Secretary,

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births and 3,537 deaths were registered during the week ending Saturday,

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may cause a sac to be formed large enough to appear as a tmnor, which

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in ansemia. At birth, it is stated that no fat is found in the capsules,

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ing restlessness, deliriiun sometimes resembling mania sets in, and with

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a patient to suck milk from a vessel placed on the floor while his head

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amination of the materials forwarded to him from various

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But his object may be perfectly legitimate perhaps ? — I do

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ings if its Arts examination is struck otT the list of those re-

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but "occurs in dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, and rats, and a

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In cases of congenital absence of one kidney, it is usual to find a

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